Fun Vending Machine operates with a smart payment method and integrated payment system which does not involve any cash transactions. Instead, customers can easily pay with their credit cards, QR codes and e-wallets.

On top effortless payment, Fun Vending Machine are built to enhance customer experiences by bringing innovation and quality closer to where people live or work; shopping malls, colleges, hospitals, condominiums, community centers, gyms, and offices alike.

There's no limit to the kind of items which can be sold in Fun Vending Machine - be creative with answering to the demands of current trends.

Every Fun Vending Machine is incorporated with eight SMART features that integrates with its hardware seamlessly, committing to innovations that are beneficial to both customers and business owners alike; enjoyable, convenient, and worry-free.

User-Friendly Back End App

Monitor real-time sales, order for restocks, and calculate daily revenues all on a single app on a tablet or smartphone.

Multiple E-Payment & E-Wallet Support

Cashless payment system for the convenience of Funmaii Pay, AliPay, WeChat, VISA Pay Wave user and more.

32" Advertising Touchscreen Display

Brands will be quick to leverage on your interactive ad space for an uninterrupted conversation with your customers, one-to-one.

SMART Alert System

Electronic alert will be triggered in the events of errors, malfunctions, or vandalism.

SMART Lighting System

Energy-efficient lighting automatically adjust brightness to accommodate day and night conditions.

Built in GPRS 3G/4G for Remote Monitoring

Monitor real-time sales, order for restocks, and calculate daily revenues all on a single app on your tablet or smartphone.

Customers Insights & Analytics

Real-time data gives you the power to optimize your marketing strategy according to current trends.

Intelligent Error Notifications

Notify you immediately upon detecting machine malfunction & system updates.

Join us as a partner today and be part of the shopping revolution.